Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thousands Rally at U.N. Climate Conference

Sea of lights in Copenhagen as 100,000 supporters of climate action rally for a real deal
It is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen. A stream of lights for as far as the eye can see is weaving through the streets of Copenhagen, as the participants of the largest climate march and rally in history hold candles to remind world leaders of their hope for a real deal to solve climate change. The march and rally caps off a a globe spanning day of over 3,000 marches, rallies, and vigils. [photo courtesy of Zoe Caron]
Read the full report by Richard Graves here.

Protests and Talks Intensify in Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN — It was a raucous day on the streets as protesters from around the world — with a dizzying array of causes, from “no nukes” to “climate debt” — marched from the old city center to the Bella Center.

Behind lines of police, negotiators worked through the day trying, in theory at least, to find common ground among 192 countries on steps to cut emissions of greenhouse gases, share the costs of doing so and limit exposure of poor places to climate hazards. I shot the following video around the main march, which saw little of the violence that erupted elsewhere in the city tonight between police and more radical elements, nicknamed the “black masks.”
Read the full report by Andrew Revkin and see his video here.

COP15 – day 6 roundup
Environmentalists and activists rallied worldwide Saturday in favor of a global climate agreement. In Copenhagen [photo below], host city of the ongoing UN negotiations, a six-kilometer march from the parliament building to the conference venue gathered an estimated 50,000 people.
Read the full report here.

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